Let Your Salad Journey Begin Here!

A Salad a Day Keeps You Healthy All the Way!

Step 1: Decide on your Choice of Base

Romaine Lettuce_250x250

Romaine Lettuce Base
with 5 Basic Toppings


No Base_250x250

No Base with
6 Basic Toppings



Baby Spinach Base
with 5 Basic Toppings


Step 2: Choose your Desired Toppings

Basic Toppings
Premium Toppings

Step 3: Dress it Up!


Step 4: Whatsapp us your Order @ 91093918

Salad Co.Sg is now offering whatsapp order for:

  1. Personal pickup
    We are located at Market Street Hawker Centre @ CapitaSpring, 86 Market Street, #03-30, Singapore 048947.  Tel @ Stall: 91093918
  2. Own courier pickup
    Suggestion: https://t.me/sovereignriders

To assist us to get your orders correct, please use the following template in your whatsapp order:

1. Customer Name:
2. Customer Contact:
3. No. of Bowl(s):
4. Pickup Date:
5. Pickup Time:
6. Pickup By:  Self / Delivery Service
7. Bowl 1:  Salad Base Selection:  Romaine (S$7.90) / No Base (S$7.90) / Baby Spinach (S$8.90)
8. 5 Basic Toppings Selection (or 6 if you have selected No Base):
(a) Topping 1:
(b) Topping 2:
(c) Topping 3:
(d) Topping 4:
(e) Topping 5:
(f) Topping 6 onwards (Optional +S$1.50 except for No Base):
(g) Premium Topping (Optional +S$2-3):
(h) Dressing:
9. Payment: Cash on Collection / Paylah (Do not pay till you receive our confirmation of your order)
10. Send the above whatsapp to Salad Co.Sg @ 91093918
11. Customer will receive confirmation receipt of order and payment instruction.
12. Cash on Collection/Paylah for Self Pickup.  Paylah Only for Delivery man pickup.
13. Operating Mon – Fri, 10am – 3pm.  2pm is the last whatsapp order.  All to be picked up no later than 2.30pm.

Thank you for supporting Salad Co.Sg!  We endeavour to bring you quality salad at an affordable price.  Try us out and leave us a review on our Facebook page!